If you have already design and developed your website on your local computer and want to live then defiantly below Instruction will help you to live error free.

Many beginners which don’t know what is hosting and domain. They have the only idea to design the website. Whatever website you developed it will be in HTML, WordPress or in PHP based website. The main issue that to live all content on live site which there are many difficulties related to technical and set up to move content and coding script to your domain.

How to transfer WordPress site from localhost to another localhost

Before starting to live on your website you need to purchase a domain name for your website. The domain name is a website address which people can visit and take benefits from your website.

After purchase hosting, you need to set up a cPanel to your hosting and need to connect to DNS so that your domain connection is established to your hosting.

Install WordPress on the hosting account to install WordPress and login to your live site and throw username and password.

From the local site to live website content of the localhost to the live website to do three things:

  1. First, install All in one plugin on both of a website then using the plugin to export the contents of the local site into a file.
  2. Install the same plugin on a live website and activate the plugins.
  3. Go to All in one WP migration and click export the file and click download and the content will be downloaded into a file and then click close ok.
  4. Now you can go to the final step which is import this file into a live website.
  5. Go to all in one WP migration using import option the file which has downloaded click open click proceed to start the import close it is done so all local site content has been imported into the live site and reload the page.
  6. Login to live website you need to admin id and password which you log in to your local word press site.
  7. You need to use a local host username and password so you can start making changes to a website and all the changes will appear on your live website.