Radiation is everywhere. Some from Nature (Geopathic Stress from the earth) and some manmade sources. Considering the danger of Radiation to human health we at the Net Utility thought to provide a detailed knowledge on Health Challenges caused by Electromagnetic Radiations and the solution.

Electromagnetic Radiations are the invisible rays emitted from the electronic devices like Mobile Towers, Mobile Phones/Laptops, WiFi Routers and High Tension Wirelines etc. In this era of technology whether we are at home or in our offices we are surrounded by the electrosmog (radiations emitted by these devices).


Emitted from Wi-Fi communication devices

Prolonged exposure to these radiations or electrosmog can cause a number of short term and long term health issues like…

  • Stress
  • Aggression and Attention Deficiency in Children
  • Memory loss
  • Blood pressure abnormalities
  • Cancer in extreme cases

  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Lower Immunity
  • Birth Defects
  • Sleep disorders
  • Infertility

World Health Organisation (WHO) has also termed Electromagnetic Radiations as possibly cancerous and slotted them in the same category (2B) as exhaust fumes, lead and Asbestos. The actual question comes, “What’s the perfect solution is for living in this surroundings of Electrosmog?” For the polluted air we use Air Purifiers, for water impurities we use Water Purifiers but what’s the most effective for this?

To counter these threat of electrosmog Modicare Limited has launched two new products in association with Environics:

Envirochip: for personal Devices like, Mobile Phones, Laptops etc.


These devices are made from 100% Safe and Natural Inert Material (Proprietary Technology) which neutralizes the effect of Electrosmog or Radiation.

Enviroglobe covers the area of 300 – 350 Sq. Ft. means in this radius the Enviroglobe neutralizes the harmful emissions of radiation from Mobile Towers, Mobile Phones/Laptops, WiFi Routers, Servers and High Tension Wirelines and protects your health.

Application Of Enviroglobe:

You can keep it in the living room, bedroom, in your car while driving and offices. It needs be charged 15 minutes every 2 weeks under natural sunlight or artificial light.

Special Features:

  • Charging: It needs to be charged every 1-2 weeks for 15 minutes under Natural Sunlight or an Artificial Lamp.
  • Expiry: It’s a lifetime product and has NO EXPIRY DATE!
  • Internationally Tested and Certified: It’s an internationally certified product with CE Mark. Singapore Green Building Council has certified Enviroglobe as a Green Product.
  • MRP: Rs.4500/-
  • Perfect gift for your family, friends and colleagues
  • For more details please click the link below: