There are some prevailing myths about the Network Marketing Industry that are extremely crucial to clear before you move ahead. For most of people, these myths turn out to be an objection or entry barrier. Under such circumstances, when a new distributor is unable to answer them convincingly, such people may become apprehensive and doubt the credibility of this business as well as their own future in the network marketing industry.

In this chapter, we will clear all the common Network Marketing Myths people to believe in:

1. Network Marketing is an Illegal Pyramid:

The shape cannot determine the legality of any organization. Because if you clearly see every corporate organization, even the government is pyramid based, where there is a one-person on the top, then few under him and so on! In fact, in such organizations people at the base level doesn’t get much and even worse they have rare chances to be on the top. Whereas, in network marketing, there is an equal opportunity for anyone who starts today from the base level to be at the top position in the company. Moreover, there are no major investments in legal network marketing companies and even if people are not satisfied with products or services there is a refund option. So all in all, it is a myth to believe that Network Marketing is an Illegal Pyramid.

2. Only the Top Position People Make Money:

Yes, it is true, but for corporate and private organizations, where CEOs and other top-grade dignitaries at the top level make most of the wealth and money. On the contrary, average employees work hard and only receives a fraction amount. Moreover, anyone working at the base level rarely has the chance of becoming a CEO in his life. In fact, many employees do not even get enough appreciation and financial reward that they deserve for their hard work.

However, as far as Network Marketing is concerned, there is totally a different scenario. Here anyone can out-perform the previous top earner in the company. It is so because the payouts highly performance-oriented, rather than position oriented here. The people involved in network marketing earn a percentage income on the sales they and their team are able to produce. It is hardly determined by the position they are in.

3. Network Marketing uses people:

It is a fact; network marketing changes lives. I’m immensely thankful to the person who introduced me and convinced me to join the network marketing when I was totally naive and had no clue about the power of this business. I am truly telling you from the core of my heart that my life changed completely because of this business. In fact, it proved to be the turning point of my life. We never use people, rather we help them achieve their dreams and become a better version of themselves. Of course! There are the people who may have some apprehension in their mind regarding why we are approaching them and asking them to join network marketing, thinking we would be reaping the sole benefit, but there is always a mutual benefit in the Network Marketing business as everyone from entry-level to peers are linked with each other.

4. Eventually, this business will be saturated:

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a refrigerator and television at home? Then why Samsung and LG are consistently making more and more refrigerator and television. Just think about it. It is happening so because the prospects are always there. There is no concept and apprehension of the saturated market here.

Similarly, in Network Marketing, saturation concept does not exist. There is an unlimited number of people who turn 18 every day and create a huge pool of potential prospects for you. Hence, there is an infinite supply of people to us who are still untouched and waiting to be explored by the leaders like you. So, just clear this myth in the mind of the people and tell them network marketing is potentially a huge market that has unlimited opportunities for all.

5. Network Marketing Doesn’t Work:

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), in 2015 the direct selling industry crossed $36 billion of sales in the U.S. alone and over 20 million people are connected. To be very honest and clear, the Network Marketing industry has less to do with the success and failure of the predecessor, but it has more to do with the efforts of an individual. Most Businesses usually fail within the first 5 years that hardly means the business doesn’t work at all. Because of the fact, this industry has produced maximum millionaires in the world. I wonder if you could be the next one.

I hope all the Network Marketing Myths have been cleared from your mind and all the barriers in the path of success in Network Marketing Business removed. Wish you all the best !!

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