The Net Utility recommends Aarogya Setu app to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic in India.
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Arogya Setu is the coronavirus tracker app which has been launched by the government of India. It is important to note that last week Government of India has announced a COVID-19 tracker app and ministry of Electronics and Information Technology was working on an app named Corona Kavach, on the other hand, Niti Aayog was working on another app related to coronavirus tracking.  Now NIC that is National Informatics Centre has officially released the app Arogya Setu.

How Arogya Setu app works in tracking COVID-19 Infected person?

Key features of this app:

Arogya Setu is available on the Play Store for Android Smartphones and on the App Store for iPhones. This app uses a GPS system and Bluetooth and it provides information that will help in determining if you have been near to a COVID-19 infected person or not. It determines if you are at risk or not by scanning through a database of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research).

Now, this app supports 11 languages and users will have to register through mobile number.

Apart from that this app has a dedicated check asking the user a series of questions to determine if the user has any symptom of COVID-19 or not.

How this app is going to work?

This app uses GPS system to track the location of user and it also needs an activated Bluetooth to determine if you have been near a COVID-19 infected person that means if you have been within 6 feet from the infected person so this distance will be determined with the help of Bluetooth and GPS location.

For Example:

P1 is an infected person and  A1 is the user of this app. Now if anyone is near to P1 this app will show that A1 was near to infected person.

How Arogya Setu works to fight with COVID-19?

This app is going to use the location information of a COVID-19 positive person and then it is going to match this information with the database of P1 why because P1 is infected therefore ICMR has maintained a database to show persons who are infected with this COVID-19. Of course, it is a database of only those cases which have been reported so these were the key points.


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